Arbitration / Expert Witness Support

Frith RM has experience providing arbitration support as an alternative dispute resolution method to litigation procedures. We can call upon the in depth industry knowledge and expertise acquired by senior members of our team to provide impartial, understandable and decisive conclusions.

Frith RM’s relevant extensive industry experience includes:

  • Over 20 years industry practice as Chartered Waste Managers
  • Membership of the CIWM Steering Committee on energy from waste and thermal treatment
  • Widespread industry practice in the fields of procurement and waste technologies
  • Working with local and national government
  • Working with both the public and private sector with an acute understanding of the requirements of both
  • Written and peer-reviewed numerous research, guidance and policy documents for Defra

We are able to call upon our support network in the waste management, planning and legal professions to provide added expertise and confidence should this be necessary. Frith RM can also provide services as an expert witness across a sphere of waste management related disputes.