Carbon Assessment / Reporting

Frith RM undertake carbon modelling and reporting at an operational level including from individual premises or waste management facilities. We define baselines and areas of improvement and can store performance data on bespoke or standard database systems and generate annual or monthly performance reports and certificates. We make the data relatable by using equivalent factors that convey information clearly for the purposes of publicity, CSR reports or KPIs. An initiative for environmental reporting for businesses and events was launched in 2015, for more information see Credibly Green.

Frith RM have undertaken carbon impact assessment for a wide range of waste management services.  We use the WRATE software tool and other industry data to determine carbon impacts of specific recycling operations, collection services and alternative treatment and disposal options. Frith RM holds an Expert WRATE Licence and regularly develop bespoke technologies and conduct peer reviews for national or multinational waste management companies in procurement exercises, as part of Strategic Environmental Assessment, or to support applications to the Green Investment Bank. 

Quantifying carbon impacts provides a baseline against which service improvements can be measured and identified. Frith RM has used this method to determine carbon impacts of implementing each level of the waste hierarchy, for example in a municipal waste management strategy.

References can be provided on request.