Service Reviews & Efficiencies

Seeking areas of service improvement is an important area for local authorities and one in which Frith RM has a strong track record. This includes the whole range of services from collection, recycling, treatment and disposal services and procurement / partnering support to seek to deliver efficiencies in operations. Frith RM uses industry standard models and benchmarking skills to compare technical performance and our experience in supporting both the public and private sectors provides good insight into areas of potential improvement.

Frith RM has identified savings through service reviews and business plans that accumulate into millions of pounds over a contract period.

We have reviewed collection systems: including removing/charging for green waste; two, three or four weekly residual collections; different collection systems; improved vehicle selection and change management for the collection service. We have also undertaken appraisals of alternate recycling credit mechanisms, procurement and governance options for waste infrastructure and joint working opportunities.

References can be provided on request.