Technology Reviews

Frith RM have extensive experience in waste technologies, particularly Materials Recycling Facilities, residual waste and food waste treatment. Frith RM has updated the Defra guides on waste technologies, covering Incineration, Advanced Biological Treatment, Mechanical Heat Treatment and Advanced Thermal Treatment. The link below relates to the Defra guide on Mechanical Biological Treatment, but also includes links to the other documents updated by Frith RM.

Frith RM maintains a database of waste treatment technologies and information on the latest developments in this field. Consultants have supported funders and development companies in assessing technologies and carrying out process audits. We have extensive experience in supporting clients and contractors in municipal waste management and waste treatment contract procurement.

Frith RM has provided technical support to Defra for several years on Anaerobic Digestion and Energy from Waste issues in addition to the new technology guidance identified above. References can be provided on request.

We also provide advice and guidance to other national Government (South Africa, Indonesia) on waste technologies.