TEEP Assessments

The Waste Framework Directive requires all local authorities and private waste firms responsible for the collection of waste to offer or provide separate material collections of at least paper, metals, plastics and glass. The Directive required these services to be implemented by 1st January 2015 and to cover all collection types (kerbside collections, bring sites, HWRCs etc.). By the 31st March 2015, all operators were to provide the Environment Agency with information regards their current collection methods. Those collection operators who do not provide a fully segregated service for these waste streams need to demonstrate that such a system is either not necessary or not practicable.

TEEP - Practicability & Necessity Tests

Frith RM has completed numerous TEEP assessments to date and can provide a pragmatic solution to both these tests. Frith RM has all the required skills to perform a thorough and conclusive assessment, including modelling abilities (KAT, WRATE) required to analyse service performance against the criteria.

Frith RM is highly experienced in undertaking environmental and economic assessments of waste collection systems, and has done so for all kerbside collection types (kerbside sort, comingled, twin-stream, multi-stream).