We provide a complete Municipal Waste Management Strategy service in different local authority contexts, including the development of new strategies, options appraisals and undertaking periodic reviews and updates of existing strategies. We are also experienced in the SEA process, and can model cost and environmental impacts of all relevant service areas.

Case Study

Local Government Modelling & Strategy,
Leicestershire County Council
Project Title:
Waste Disposal Authority Plan
Project Summary:

In 2018 we developed a Waste Disposal Authority (WDA) Plan for Leicestershire County Council, published in 2019. The Plan enabled a strategic basis for on-going procurement and operational decisions taken by the County Council. This project followed on from our preceding works with the Leicestershire Waste Partnership, supporting the development of a Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy update in 2011. Both works have also including further areas of technical support delivered by FRM whether in the area of procurement of services or assessment of the business cases for new projects.

Key Words:
Strategy, service review, modelling

‘I found FRM to have a very attentive and patient manner, crucial in respect to the project in question due to many council unknowns which had potential to cause delays. I found both Paul and Cherie brought experience and guidance that could be trusted and as such I would have no hesitation in either working with them again in the future or recommending them to others’

Leicestershire County Council