Our team has supported local authorities in a range of service reviews, particularly in response to austerity measures and budget cuts. We cover the whole range of services to identify savings, deliver efficiencies and innovation: collection, recycling, treatment, disposal, street cleansing, service packaging, governance arrangements and joint working.

Case Study

Service Review
Plymouth City Council
Project Title:
Food waste collection modelling
Project Summary:

In 2018, FRM undertook a review of the current collection system and modelled the addition of a food waste collection. The modelling was undertaken using the Kerbside Analysis Tool (KAT) tool. With a strong interest in the carbon impacts of services, the alternatives and baseline service were also modelled using the WRATE life cycle assessment tool to derive carbon impacts. In addition the Council were also interested in commercial waste and therefore additional service review works were undertaken by FRM in this area.

Key Words:
Service review, modelling, carbon, trade waste

Paul was knowledgeable and eloquent and provided the right level of interpretation for the complexities of waste collection modelling.

Solaire Consulting

Friendly and approachable, doesn’t have the corporate style of a larger consultancy which is a good thing.

Herefordshire County Council