Our team has supported local authorities in a range of service reviews, particularly in response to austerity measures and budget cuts. We cover the whole range of services to identify savings, deliver efficiencies and innovation: collection, recycling, treatment, disposal, street cleansing, service packaging, governance arrangements and joint working.

Case Study

Service Review
Daventry District Council
Project Title:
Daventry District Council Service Review
Project Summary:

Frith Resource Management undertook a review of current waste management services for Daventry District Council. The service review was completed in order to assess options to improve the efficiency of waste collection in Daventry, whilst simultaneously reducing cost to the council. Discussions with the Council resulted in over thirty options, which were then modelled to determine their feasibility in improving waste credentials. Options such as increasing and decreasing waste collection frequency were investigated, as well as emphasising waste separation at the kerbside, both of which offer costs and benefits for Daventry Council. All of the options modelled were then condensed and summarised, allowing Daventry District Council to make an informed decision regarding the future of waste services in the area.

Key Words:
Service Review