We have developed research papers for Defra (2009 – present) and the MOD on waste related topics ranging from: Anaerobic Digestion optimisation, carbon impacts of waste treatment processes, critical raw material requirements; to niche waste streams and their management. We have also undertaken international research for ISWA on alternative fuels for waste and recycling collection systems and associated issues (2021/22).

FRM has undertaken surveys for Defra and WRAP on a number of key areas of waste management, including studies on mandatory recyclability labelling, the redistribution of surplus food and the supply and treatment of liners for separate food waste collection.

A case study is below.

Case Study

Research and Evidence Gathering
Project Title:
Redistribution of surplus food
Project Summary:

The project was designed to gather evidence for Defra and WRAP to identify the key barriers to increasing the redistribution of food, the opportunities for accessing more of the available surplus food and identifying possible areas of intervention.

A detailed survey approach was used to collect primary data from a quota of food manufacturers, hospitality and food service companies and redistributors as identified by WRAP. The survey did not include retailers, food growers and the horticultural sector. Phase 1 of the survey focussed on manufacturers and redistributors, and Phase 2 on engagement with hospitality and food service companies.

The survey covered a sample of manufacturers from the following sectors:

Bakery, cakes and cereals

Ambient stable foods

Fruit and vegetables

Meat, fish and poultry

Pre-prepared meals

Soft drinks



In addition to the Hospitality and Food sector (HaFs). The results provided evidence for policy making.

Key Words:
Food Waste, Redistribution, Policy, Evidence, Survey, HaFs, Food Manufacturing